"Do you think that building is 'snap, click, build' and you're done? It's nothing like that at all!"- Mardolf the Orange

File:Faction logo assembly.png
Leader Doctor Overbuild
Members Rusty Steele, Mardolf the Orange, others
Main Location Assembly Storeroom , Brick Annex
Enemies Maelstrom
Allies Nexus Force, Sentinels, Paradox, Venture League

The Assembly is one of the four factions of the Nexus Force. Led by Doctor Overbuild, the Assembly specializes in building and the wise usage of creativity. They are sometimes said to be the "foundation" of the Nexus Force, since they specialize in building and using imagination, which is what LEGO is all about. Their color is orange and the faction emblem is an orange Penrose triangle surrounded by an orange border. They use imagination to build creations that battle the Maelstrom.

Quote From Pre-Order PackEdit

"Led by the eccentric genius Doctor Overbuild, The Assembly Faction consists of construction specialists and critical thinkers who drive back the power of The Maelstrom through problem solving and creative building."

Known MembersEdit


Former MembersEdit

These members of Assembly were either cut from the game or later moved to another faction.

Faction SpecialtiesEdit


  • This is the only known faction to have its original name during early development, as the Sentinels were known as the Thunder, the Paradox were known as the Vangaurd, and the Venture League was known as the Adventure.