"Ninjas are allergic to Sunshine."- Numb Chuck

Forbidden Valley
File:Forbidden Valley Map.png
Major Characters in Location Numb Chuck
Main Location of Ninjas, Paradox
Enemies Maelstrom Horsemen, Dark Ronin, Maelstrom Dragons

Forbidden Valley is a world full of Ninjas and can be accessed in the launch pad in Nimbus Station. The main enemies here are Dark Ronin, Maelstrom Horsemen, and the Maelstrom Dragon which can only be found in the minigame located in the Paradox Refinery.The ninjas will give out missions that can be accomplished.


Forbidden PassageEdit

This popular fighting location contains one Horseman spawn and a battalion of Dark Ronin. It is sometimes known as the Fallen Gate. Green dragon pets can be found and tamed here.

Cavalry HillEdit

This is a dangerous crypt area, full of Maelstrom Horsemen and Dark Ronin. It contains five Maelstrom Horseman spawn points. The Goat pet can also be found here.

The Great TreeEdit

The tree is an area that contains several Ninjas and their master. Numb Chuck is located at the top of this tree.

The Paradox RefineryEdit

This is a second facility (relating to the first, which was destroyed in Avant Gardens), dedicated to refining and researching the Maelstrom. It also has an area with a super-soldier, Brick Fury, who is constantly shooting 5 Maelstrom Horsemen. There are several Maelstrom Horsemen (5 on top plateau, 1 on bottom plateau), and several Dark Ronin on the top level. Past the top level is a path leading to the Dragon Instance. Some refer to the top plateau as the "Paradox Encampment".

Dragon's DenEdit

A minigame where up to 4 players can team up to fight three Maelstrom Dragons. Several Dark Ronin are also located here as bodyguards for the Dragons. These Ronin do not give full drops when smashed and have only 4 life, although they do count towards achievements. A fourth Malestrom Dragon can be seen in the sky of the Dragon's Den, but it doesn't attack you and you can't attack it.

Dragonmaw ChasmEdit

The site of the Forbidden Valley race track, hosted by Zip Lash. Yam Waterwolf can also be found here.


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Pet InfoEdit

  • The Praying Mantis Pet can be found at the walkway leading to the first Dark Ronin area.
  • The Goat can be found at Cavalry Hill on top of a cliff; some jumping, speed boosts, and building is involved.
  • The Green Dragon Pet can be accessed through a bouncer at the Fallen Gate leading to the Paradox Research Facility. Make sure you have enough Imagination before bouncing!
  • The Red Dragon Pet can be accessed on the floating rocks that you have to jump across to get to the Paradox Research Facility. Make sure you have enough Imagination before taming this pet!
  • The Panda can be accessed on one of the walkways after you have completed Brickmaster Clang's Foot Race. This is a very difficult foot race, and you can only unlock the race after freeing the Ninjas at Brig Rock in Gnarled Forest.

Launch PadsEdit


Forbidden Valley ChestsEdit

Johnny Thunder, on Nimbus Station, asks you to find some floating treasure chests he hid on Forbidden Valley. There are 5 located throughout Forbidden Valley. This map shows the location of the 5 chests.

Heart FlagsEdit

Flags allow you to increase your life. There are 9 around Forbidden Valley. Here is a map to help you find them.

Imagination BrickEdit

The imagination brick increases your imagination storage by one. This map shows where the one in Forbidden Valley is located.


Like most worlds, Forbidden Valley has binoculars that allow you to view interesting points in greater detail. There are 10 in Forbidden Valley.


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