"Here, thar be pirates. And Maelstrom. Lots of Maelstrom."- Captain Jack Knife

Gnarled Forest
File:GF Map.png
Major Characters in Location Renee Tombcrusher , Captain Jack Knife
Main Location of Pirates , Venture League
Enemies Stromling Pirates , Stromling Admirals , Stromling Apes

Gnarled Forest, commonly abbreiviated as GF, is a tropical world which is usually accessed via a launchpad on Nimbus Station. Gnarled Forest, pronounced by some as "NAR-alled" Forest, or "GA-nar-alled" Forest, is inhabited by Pirates. It is normally the fourth world which players visit, and is encouraged to be the first following admittance into the Nexus Force.

When a player arrives, they will be greeted by Hugo First, who gives a brief outline of The Ravine. Following this, players plunge into a storyline which takes them to the Maelstrom Trench. Reading the Nexus Force Plaques, players will find that the pirates were marooned when their ship was tossed into a tree by a sea monster.

It happened that the treasure inside the ship was infected with the Maelstrom, causing the greedy pirates to become infected. The Maelstrom began to alter the land to suit its liking, corrupting the pirate's Brig, parts of the paths, and Apes, which prove very dangerous when controlled by chaos.

Players must fight to get their way through the world and earn more powerful weapons. Introductions to consumables and guns also find their way into Gnarled Forest, as well as the Cannon Cove Shooting Gallery, Keelhaul Canyon Raceway, and the Chantey Shanty property world.

With the Pirates's rivalry with Ninjas, Stromling Pirates, and conections to Venture League, Gnarled Forest is a wonderful world to visit.


Gnarled Forest was originally designed in the pre-alpha, though with a very different visual style. The NPCs were heavily based off of minifigures from Classic Pirates sets, and the vegetation was more bright and colorful than now. The only known enemies were aggressive Ninjas. This version of the world was eventually replaced in favor of a design with a darker style. However, this redesign was also replaced, and while the new style remained, the layout of the world was altered to become the Gnarled Forest known today.


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