Many wearable items are linked when equipped or obtained.

Purchasing itemsEdit

Some items can be bought at vendors. All purchaseable items sell for approximately 10% of their purchase price.

Dropped itemsEdit

Many items can be obtained from enemy drops. Items in LU are dropped from lists when randomly generated, each "list" being world specific. For example, Gnarled Forest has its own unique drop list with GF specific items. Any enemy or smashable in GF is capable of dropping items on that list though the odds of this happening vary. Some enemies, such as Battle of Nimbus Station Bosses, also have world specific drop lists. For example, Kinga Hurl drops items from the GF selection. If you are seeking a specific item, your best chances of obtaining that item are from sources that drop that particular selection.

Most worlds also have respective "surprise packs" which release loot from that world. Below is a color key:

  • Blue: Nimbus Station
  • Green "Quality": Gnarled Forest
  • Red "Superior": Forbidden Valley
  • Black "Premium": Crux Prime

While some enemies may provide higher chances of obtaining rare items, these items can potentially come from anywhere. A stromling invader can drop Bat Lord gear though it is far less likely than a Dragon Invader.

Note: some instances have a special selection containing a mix of both Avant Garden and Forbidden Valley item drops, such as dragon instance and the Four Riders of the Maelstrom's treasure chest. It has been observed that Avant Gardens items are significantly more common in these instances than they are naturally.

While items are given set rarities, dropped item rarities are only in respect to other items in the same drop category. For example, an item listed as being Very Rare in Forbidden Valley is not as difficult to obtain as an item listed as being Very Rare in Ninjago Monestary.

Items By CategoryEdit