"Answer the call. Save imagination!"- Recruitment Slogan

Nexus Force
File:Nexus force.png
Leader None
Members Sherland Powers, Zip Lash, others
Main Location Nexus Tower
Enemies Maelstrom, Skullkin
Allies Venture League, Paradox, Sentinel, Assembly, Ninjas, Pirates

The Nexus Force is the army of minifigures formed to combat the Maelstrom and protect the last fragment of Pure Imagination. It is broken up into four factions, and each Faction currently has three specialty kits. It's headquarters is the Nexus Tower, located on Crux Prime. Players now begin their initiation into the Nexus Force after completing a mission for Epsilon Starcracker in Avant Gardens, but do not join a faction until they get to Nimbus Station.


After the four explorers discovered the Imagination Nexus, one of them, Baron Typhonus, corrupted it when he was dragged in by his own creation - Spider Boss and the Maelstrom. The remaining three explorers fought for their lives, and eventually escaped unharmed. Just when all hope seemed lost, they dicovered a fragment of the Imagination Nexus that hadn't been corrupted. The three remaining explorers - Duke Exeter, Doctor Overbuild, and Hael Storm - invited Vanda Darkflame to join them and form the ultimate army of minifigures to combat the Maelstrom with the power of Imagination. This army was named the Nexus Force, and it was divided into four groups, called Factions, each created and headed by one of the four with its own unique attributes and abilities to help in the fight to save Imagination.

Pre-Alpha Edit

The Nexus Force existed in Pre-Alpha, though it may have had a smaller role in-game.


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