This page contains information about an NPC, area, or minigame from the Alpha Test Phase or Pre-Alpha Development Phase. These NPCs, areas, and minigames were not put in the final game.

Nimbus Park
Major Characters in Location Friendly Felix, Burno, The Beastie Blocks, others.
Main Location of Red Blocks, Friendly Felix, others.
Enemies Robot Mowers, Ants, Ant Hills

"Well I've been to a million moons, made tons of friends and learned lots of tunes. Ah, but these gardens are the spot I love best! Even more then all the rest! Folks from every corner come here for a fun time. It's the perfect place to play music, dance and rhyme!"- Friendly Felix describing Nimbus Park

Nimbus Park was an early world that was redesigned into Avant Gardens. It existed around the same time as YouReeka. The Red Blocks Concert was originally designed for Nimbus Park, but when Nimbus Park became Avant Gardens, it was moved to YouReeka, which became Zorillo Plaza, which eventually became the Nimbus Station we know today. Friendly Felix acted as a guide through the park, offering advice to the player. Enemies were Corrupted Robot Mowers, which didn't appear until the final section of the park, and Ants, which spawned from Ant Hills.



  • Nimbus Park got remodeled into Avant Gardens in the game redesign according to Ivantest.xml. [1]



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