"Paradox seeks the secrets of the Maelstrom, to destroy it from within."- Vanda Darkflame

File:Faction logo paradox.png
Leader Vanda Darkflame
Members Wisp Lee, Cog Blammo, others
Main Location Paradox Laboratory, Nexus Tower
Enemies Maelstrom
Allies Nexus Force, Assembly, Sentinel, Venture League, Ninjas

The Paradox is one of the four factions of the Nexus Force. Led by Vanda Darkflame, they specialize in the usage of the power of the Maelstrom to turn the evil, sinister power of the Maelstrom against itself. Paradox is the only faction in LEGO Universe whose leader was not one of the original Crux Explorers. Their color is red, and the faction emblem is the Maelstrom with an eye in the center, symbolizing that the Maelstrom sees everything (this fact is confimred via The Great Minifig Mission). The Paradox has set facilities in many of the worlds of Lego Universe to study the Maelstrom.

Quote From Pre-Order PackEdit

"The line at which the other Factions stop is where The Paradox plunge forward with abandon. Possessed of an insider's knowledge of the darker forces of the Universe, The Paradox are represented by Vanda Darkflame - an unpredictable, shadowy ninja girl, and former protégé of Baron Typhonus ."

Known Members Edit


Former MembersEdit

These members of Paradox were either cut from the game or moved to another faction.

Paradox SpecialtiesEdit


  • The Paradox logo appears to take it's inspiration from Baron Typhonus' crest, which can be seen on his clothing.
  • The center of the logo when looked at the right way is an Eye.


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