Pet Cove
File:Pet Cove Map.png
Major Characters in Location Coalessa
Main Location of Terrier , Cat , Bunny , Gryphon
Enemies None

Pet Cove is a small world in LEGO Universe where players learn to tame their very own pets. This is where Coalessa lives. She is also in charge of the area. The three pets here are the Terrier, the Cat, and the Bunny.

According to several Nexus Force Plaques, Coalessa rounded up all pets and gave them shelter in Pet Cove after the explosion of Planet Crux, which made imagination strong enough to keep Maelstrom away. However, according to a Daily Mission from Faction Grunts, Pet Cove used to be a "horrible Maelstrom wasteland".

There is also a mission where the player learns to dig up treasure chests via pets. After learning pet digs and beginning to collect pets, players will get help from Coalessa to tame their faction pet. Players get to Pet Cove by riding a rocket from the far left of Brick Annex at Nimbus Station.



A map of all the collectibles



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