Red Blocks
File:Red Blocks 2.png
World Nimbus Station
Main Location of Johnny Thunder
Enemies None

Red Blocks is the concert site that is the southern area of Nimbus Station. The door to LEGO Club is located here. It also contains Nimbus Station's Imagination Brick, which can be attained by building all four concert effects into the same model, and then jumping to the top platform.

Red Blocks has four instruments for players to build - a guitar, keyboard, bass guitar, and drum kit. Each intrument has a selection of music loops that are played in a random order when the instrument is being played. DJ Studd also provides a background rythm track.

Red Blocks also has four effects that players can build - Fireworks, Lasers, a Spotlight, and a Loudspeaker. These appear in the form of smashable boxes which will cycle through the four effects until they are smashed and then built. Originally these took the form of Choice Builds, but were changed when choice builds were removed from the game.


Beta InformationEdit

Originally, Red Blocks was located in Nimbus Park, then Avant Gardens, and was finally moved to Nimbus Station where it is today. When it was in Nimbus Park and Avant Gardens, it only had three instruments - keyboard, guitar, and bass - and had no background track. Loops were not played at random; there was a separate loop for every combination of instrument. After the instrument selection was changed to four instruments, the music was re-written. When Brian Tyler took over the music for LEGO Universe, the music was revised again.

However, players complained that the new music was not as good as the earlier music, so some of the loops were revised again in a patch to the game after release, bringing the total amount of music sets for Red Blocks to 4. The very first Pre-Alpha set can still be found in the game files.


  • Red Blocks is a reference to Red Rocks Amphitheater, which is located in Morrison, Colorado.
  • The portable toilets located in Red Blocks and the Launch Area originated from the LEGO City set 7905 Building Crane.