This article is about the Return to the Venture Explorer battle instance. For the mission, see Return to the Venture Explorer (Mission); for the starting world, see Venture Explorer.

Return to the Venture Explorer
File:Return to the Venture Explorer.png
Major Characters in Location Epsilon Starcracker
Enemies Hammer Stromlings, Hammerhurl Stromlings, Corrupted Sentries, Elite Dark Spiderlings

Return to the Venture Explorer is a battle instance that became available after the December 2010 patch. It is both the only battle instance with an NPC, and the only battle instance that is strictly single player.

After escaping the Venture Explorer and traversing Avant Gardens, players meet up with Sky Lane at the Launch Area and are requested to return to the dying spaceship to assist Epsilon Starcracker. Upon arrival, Epsilon sends players on a series of missions, involving retrieving data cards with information about Nexus Tower, fighting off the invading Stromlings, and finally, decoding a message from the Maelstrom with the use of the ship's computers. Epsilon then sends players back to Avant Gardens, though they can return and play daily versions of the previously completed missions at any time, or complete achievements they did not finish when they first arrived.

Missions and achievements for Return to Venture Explorer can be found on the Battle tab of the Passport.





  • The Mission chain 'Do You Speak Chaos' references a popular Internet meme by using the line "All your Base are belong to Us"


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