"Welcome to Starbase 3001! Here you can travel to far off places created by LEGO fans!"- Hess Lacoil

Starbase 3001
File:Starbase 3001 Map 2.png
Major Characters in Location Hess LaCoil, Forge Honcho
Main Location of LUP World Launchpad
Enemies None

Starbase 3001 is a space station above Nimbus Station that was released on November 9th, 2010. From here players can access Robot City, Moonbase, Portabello, and Deep Freeze.

The portal is open and there is a launchpad that will take you to Moonbase, Portabello, Robot City, and Deep Freeze.

The portal was open during parts of Beta, and included a vendor selling exclusive models. The vendor is still there today. Hess Lacoil is a minifigure who greets you and tells you to talk to Forge Honcho.

The portals that lead to Starbase 3001 are located between Brick Annex and Pet Cove; and in the Assembly area of Nexus Tower.