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File:Stromling group.png
Main Location All released worlds except Venture Explorer, Nimbus Station, Pet Cove, Club Station Alpha, Frostburgh, Moonbase, and Starbase 3001
Theme LEGO Universe
Weapon/Tool Blades, Hammers, Maces, Saws, Swords, Hand Cannons, depending on type

The term Stromlings is used ambigously; it can refer to all types of the Stromlings or the first enemy encountered within the game.

The Stromlings are evil chaotic minions infected and controlled by the Maelstrom and bent on destroying all Imagination. Most have a dark purple glow around them, with red, yellow or purple eyes. Many also look like zombies, with "clothes" hanging from exposed bones.


In general, basic Stromlings are just minifig researchers that were corrupted by the Maelstrom. The original Stromling is the Spider Boss, created by Baron Typhonus - however, the Spider was not loyal to Typhonus. It dragged him into the Imagination Nexus, corrupting the source of Pure Imagination and by doing so created the Maelstrom. The Maelstrom now infects innocent minifigures (and other beings), bending them to its will.


Below are the links to every currently known existing type of Stromling.

Normal StromlingsEdit

Stromling InvadersEdit

Stromling Invaders are the super powerful varieties of Stromlings found predominantly on Crux Prime. They are spawned directly from the Maelstrom cloud just above the world. Though physically identical to the other Stromling varieties found elsewhere in LEGO Universe, they glow brightly with the power of the Maelstrom and are much stronger.

Unused and removed enemiesEdit


  • The concept of zombie minifigures was originally thought up for Nimbus Park, but was rejected. The concept was brought back when Nimbus Park was redesigned into Avant Gardens, and enemies called Strombies with dark green skin were created. These zombie minifigures were later redesigned in style and added to other worlds, but were called Darklings like the first pre-alpha enemies until mid March 2010, in the Beta, where they were renamed to Stromlings.

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