"The Venture League explores every corner of the Universe to unravel its mysteries!"- Dusty Holster

Venture League
File:Faction logo venture.png
Leader Hael Storm
Members Sky Lane, Wenn Wuzzit, others
Main Location Venture League Map Room, Nexus Tower
Enemies Maelstrom
Allies Nexus Force, Assembly, Paradox, Sentinel

The Venture League is one of the four factions of the Nexus Force. Led by the boisterous (and adventurous) Captain Hael Storm, they specialize in exploration and puzzle solving. Their color is lime green and the faction emblem is a skull set in the center of a green compass rose.

Quote From Pre-Order PackEdit

"Daredevils, explorers and adventurers, Venture League members are dedicated to discovering new worlds and new challenges. Under the direction of their 'captain', space pirate Hael Storm, they love nothing more than to strike out on a dangerous new quest into the unknown."

Known MembersEdit


Former MembersEdit

These members of Venture League were cut from the game.

Faction SpecialtiesEdit


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