This page contains information about an NPC, area, or minigame from the Alpha Test Phase or Pre-Alpha Development Phase. These NPCs, areas, and minigames were not put in the final game.

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Major Characters in Location Skunkbuster, News Reporter, several others.
Main Location of Stink Storm, Nexus Gateway, others.
Enemies Mama Skunk, Skunks

YouReeka (later known as Zorillo Plaza or Zorillo Station) was a town themed world. It was redesigned to become Nimbus Station. YouReeka featured a plaza in the center, and was infested with skunks, where the Skunkbusters worked on cleaning up the stink. Along the outside of the plaza were several houses and a train station. A map of the world, some models, and several screenshots were found in the beta game files. On the early LEGO Universe website, there was a poll including a minifig in a similar suit and appearance to the shaky, old cleaner in YouReeka. The poll read, "These minifigs will be included in the game! Which one do you like best?" That points out that YouReeka had been in a steady and good stage of development when it was removed from the game.




Cause of RemovalEdit

An online news article on the development of LEGO Universe revealed why YouReeka might have been scrapped.

As Seabury puts it, "How do you code fun?" To answer that question, the game developers have worked in three-week sprints, then re-evaluated — and sometimes scrapped — everything they've done. For example, one early level centered on LEGO skunks. But in play tests, older kids complained the theme was too childish — and worse, testers in Europe didn't even know what the animals were. So developers dumped that concept and went back to the digital drawing board.


  • YouReeka is a pun on both the exclamation "eureka" and the phrase "you reek", the latter referencing the skunks invading the plaza.
  • Zorillo Plaza is named after "zorrillo", the Spanish word for "skunk". There is also a real plaza in Spain named Plaza Zorrilla, located near Plaza Mayor.


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